Posted by: conservativecritic | September 15, 2013

Kerry threatens Israel…

Over the past several weeks American Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Prime Minister Netanyahu that without significant progress in the negotiations with the Palestinians, Israel will be facing a boycott and worldwide and loss of legitimacy – this according to journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, a pundit for Bloomberg website, which is considered a close associate of the White House and President Obama.

In his conversations with the Prime Minister, Kerry warned Netanyahu that if the talks are not successful, Israel is expected to be at the center of a worldwide mudslinging campaign “on steroids”; Goldberg quotes the American Secretary of State.

According to people close to Kerry, he thinks that Netanyahu is afraid of the threat of a boycott and international isolation of Israel almost as much as much as from the Iranian threat, which until recently has been at the head of the Prime Minister’s priorities. “Netanyahu fears that a future international campaign won’t allow Israel to defend itself if necessary” Goldberg wrote.

“Understands the damage from continued development in the settlements”

According to the report in Bloomberg, the American representatives recognized signs that the Prime Minister understands the damage continued development in the settlements will cause to Israel in public diplomacy. “Netanyahu met recently with a few people in agriculture who expressed their deep concern that their businesses will be boycotted” he wrote.

The report was published a day before the renewal of talks in Jerusalem between the Israeli and Palestinian representatives, who will begin negotiating tomorrow with the announcement of new development of over a thousand housing units over the green line hanging in the background – a decision that received criticism around the world.

Tonight, the American Secretary of state tried to calm things and called both sides to not comment in “a damaging way”, in his words, about the development. “The announcement of developments was somewhat expected” said Kerry and stressed that both sides must return to the negotiations table as planned.


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