Posted by: conservativecritic | February 2, 2014


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The global warming camel got its nose under the tent with the deliberate and shameful doctoring of UN Climate Control documents by Mr. Ben Santer, a contemporary and understudy of the new Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu while both were employed by the US Government’s Lawrence Livermore Laboratories..

Information in the public domain clearly shows how the results of some 130 peer-reviewed studies on possible global warming and potential causes were discarded and replaced by Santer, the International Panel on Climate Control(IPCC )appointed lead author for the crucial Chapter 8 portion of the 1995 UN study.

When peer-reviewed papers by eminent climatologists clearly indicated that there was no evidence that one can link potential increases in greenhouse gasses to observed climate changes, Santer  deleted the peer-reviewed results and wrote in the final UN report that the opposite was true.

Again, after world class climatologists had reported to the IPCC…

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