Posted by: conservativecritic | February 2, 2014

Scientist “models” fail again…

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Tsunami models, developed at a cost of tens of millions of dollars failed to accurately predict the effect of the Chilean earthquake on sea level effects only a few thousand miles away.  This failure included data from underwater sensors which provided near real time information on abnormal subsurface water movements.  

And we are to accept global warming warnings based on computer models that are being used to predict weather and climate conditions a hundred years from now?  

Climatologists could not even predict the weather conditions that occurred in Washington DC this winter – and while weather forecasts are now barely accurate 3-5 days in advance – we are being asked to turn the world economy upside down with “cap and trade” and reshuffling of global wealth – when all of these “computer models” cannot accurately predict conditions a few hours in advance.  

What do you think…?

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