Posted by: conservativecritic | February 10, 2014


Conservative Critic's Blog

America has always had some sort of fixation about sex…but recently homosexuality and lesbianism seem to have come to the front of the bus…and are dominating the discussion.  Why is this?

Basically, it is because the camel got its nose under the tent little by little a few years ago, and now the entire camel herd is running amok inside the tent in a free-for-all designed to denigrate orthodox Christian beliefs, change long-held definitions of marriage and in general force public acceptance of sexual practices which are not only unhealthy and unnatural but are an abomination to God and all God-fearing Christians around the world.

It was this way in the day of Noah…and as the Bible says, it will be that way in the days immediately preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Well, you don’t believe that you say…perhaps you better get your mind straight because you will…

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