Posted by: conservativecritic | February 14, 2014

There is MORE ice on the Great Lakes because of global warming…so say “scientists”

Here we go again folks…one of the coldest winters on record across the USA and with the Great Lakes nearly freezing over, some “scientists”(and we use the quotation marks with impuity) claim that the cold conditions are due to climate change(aka global warming for those of you who missed out on this latest scientific fraud a few years ago).

Because of  global warming, this year we were supposed to have more  hurricanes, more devastating  tornados and other calamitous weather occurrance….funny things, all of those “predictions” did not come true.  

With Atlanta, Georgia locked into one of the worst ice storms in modern history,  these climate “specialists” sit in their warm New York offices penning stories for the New York Times and other bathroom wipe materials that expound on why the Arctic is melting and we will soon be covered with water in New York all the way up to Central Park.

Ice is increasing in the Antarctic – where 98 percent of the world’s ocean ice is located(only 2 percent in the much ballyhooed Arctic).  But, we don’t hear about this ice accumulation because it would destroy the politically correct stories being dispensed by President Obama and his academics that we need to spend another billion(that’s with a B) dollars on climate control and response measures….just after he gets congress to sign off on an increase in the debt limit….what crass thinking this is indeed.

Well, look for more verbal diarrhea from these wanna be scientists who have jumped on the global warming gravy train even though the science is still uncertain(that is, except in Al Gore’s mind).


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