Posted by: conservativecritic | March 8, 2014


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Millions of Christians were incensed during 2008 over public burning of New Testaments in Israel. Hundreds of New Testaments were distributed by Messianic (Christian) Jews in the predominantly Jewish Orthodox town of Or Yehuda. But the town’s mayor, Uzi Aharon, had Jewish religious students gather the New Testaments and burn most of them next to a synagogue.

Is this an act of isolated bigotry?

No. Burning of the New Testament is a religious duty according to Judaism’s highest religious authority, the Babylonian Talmud. It says

“the writings of the minim [Christians] deserve to be burned, even though the holy name of God occurs therein, for paganism is less dangerous than minuth [Christianity].” (Shabbethai 116) (See, “U.S. Government, Talmud Mock New Testament”)

The Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem, the official religious representative of the state of Israel, upholds the Talmudic view. What about the Israeli government? Will it prosecute Jewish fanatics who…

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