Posted by: conservativecritic | March 17, 2014



Why is Washington so opposed to Crimean self-determination?  The
answer is that one of the main purposes of Washington’s coup in Kiev
was to have the new puppet government evict Russia from its Black Sea
naval base in Crimea. Washington cannot use the government Washington
has installed in Ukraine for that purpose if Crimea is no longer part
of Ukraine.

What Washington has made completely obvious is that
“self-determination” is a weapon used by Washington in behalf of its
agenda.  If self-determination advances Washington’s agenda,
Washington is for it.  If self-determination does not advance
Washington’s agenda, Washington is against it.

The Washington-initiated UN Security Council resolution, vetoed by
Russia, falsely declares that the referendum in Crimea, a referendum
demanded by the people, “can have no validity, and cannot form the
basis for any alteration of the status of Crimea; and calls upon all
States, international organizations and specialized agencies not to
recognize any alteration of the status of Crimea on the basis of this
referendum and to refrain from any action or dealing that might be
interpreted as recognizing any such altered status.”

Washington could not make it any clearer that Washington totally
opposes self-determination by Crimeans.

Washington claims, falsely, that the referendum cannot be valid unless
the entire population of Ukraine votes and agrees with the decision by
Crimeans.  Note that when Washington stole Kosovo from Serbia,
Washington did not let Serbians vote.

But lets overlook Washington’s rank hypocrisy and self-serving
double-standards. Let’s apply Washington’s argument that in order to
be valid any change in Crimea’s status requires a vote on the part of
the population of the country that it departs.  If this is the case,
then Crimea has never been a part of  Ukraine.

Under Washington’ s interpretation of international law, Ukraine is
still a part of Russia.

When Khrushchev transferred Crimea (but not Sevastopol, the Black Sea
base) to Ukraine, Russians did not get to vote. Therefore, according
to Washington’s own logic it is invalid to recognize Crimea as part of
Ukraine.  That also goes for other parts of Russia that Lenin
transferred to Ukraine.  Under the logic of Washington’s UN
resolution, large parts of Ukraine are not legitimately part of
Ukraine. They have remained parts of Russia, because Russians were not
allowed to vote on their transfer to Ukraine.  Thus, there is no issue
about “Russia annexing Crimea,” because, according to Washington’s
logic, Crimea is still a part of Russia.

Do you need any more proof that the Ukrainian crisis is made up out of
thin air by schemers in Washington who created the entire crisis for
one purpose–to weaken Russia militarily.

No one was surprised that the New York Times published on March 14 the
warmongering rant, written by neoconservatives for John McCain, which
described Washington’s aggression in Ukraine as Russia’s aggression.
The US government overthrows an elected democratic Ukrainian
government and then accuses Russia of “invading and annexing Crimea”
in order to divert attention from Washington’s overthrow of Ukrainian
democracy.  There is no elected government in Kiev.  The stooges
acting as a government in Kiev were put in office by Washington.  Who
else choose them?

What surprised some was Rand Paul joining the hysteria. Rand Paul
wrote his propagandistic rant against Russia for Time. Rand Paul
claims, falsely, that Putin has invaded Crimea and that it is an
affront to “the international community.”  First of all, the decision
of Crimea to leave Ukraine is a decision of the Crimean population and
the elected government, not a decision by Russia.  But, for the sake
of argument, let’s take Rand Paul’s lie as the truth:  Is “Vladimir
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine a gross violation of that nation’s
sovereignty and an affront to the international community” like
Washington’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and
Washington-sponsored invasions of Libya and Syria, and Washington’s
ongoing slaughter of Pakistanis and Yemenis with drones, and
Washington’s violation of Iran’s sovereignty with illegal sanctions,
and Washington’s violation of Ukrainian sovereignty by overthrowing
the elected government and imposing Washington’s stooges?

If Putin is behaving as Rand Paul ignorantly asserts, Putin is just
following the precedents established by Clinton in Serbia, by Bush in
Afghanistan and Iraq, and by Obama in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and
Ukraine.  Washington’s argument is reduced to: “We, the exceptional
and indispensable nation can behave this way, but no other country

As some Americans have misplaced hopes in Rand Paul, it is just as
well that he revealed in Time that he is just another fool
prostituting himself for the neoconservative warmongers and the
military/security complex. If Rand Paul is the hope for America, then
clearly there is no hope.

As I have been pointing out, the propaganda and lies issuing from
Washington, its European puppets, New York Times, Time, and the
entirety of the Western media are repeating the path to war that led
to World War 1.  It is happening right before our eyes.

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