Posted by: conservativecritic | March 18, 2014

President Obama sells his soul to the devil: To Homosexuals – “I have your back”…to Christians – “..Thanks to the NSA, I now have your address, phone number and other personal data, including all of those e-mails and phone conversations where you said bad things about me!”

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It now appears that President Obama has made a Faustian bargain with the devil – selling his soul(as Mephistopheles did in the classic legend) in exchange for power and the adoration of the masses.

We used to think he may have had a Christian conversion experience in the past, but the string of abortion and homosexual issues which he has supported appears to negate any prior conviction of orthodox Christianity.


To the NBA player(Collins) who recently declared himself  to be a homosexual – Obama says “…I’ve got your back”…meaning that he supports that lifestyle and even more so the linkage of Collins announcement to same sex marriage.

Gay Marriage Benefits

Almost simultaneously, Obama speaks to Planned Parenthood and basically tells them “…I’ve  got your back”…and we need to “re-educate” those who wish to turn abortion rights back to the 1950’s.


Faust did not make out well in his deal with the devil…Obama has…

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