Posted by: conservativecritic | March 19, 2014

Malayasia Airlines Flight MH370 – diversionary tactics at play

Unless you have been living under a rock, you  have heard about the missing Malaysian 777 airliner – still missing nearly two weeks after it left Kuala Lampur in the Malay peninsula for Bejing, China.


The pilot’s home computer  had flight simulators set up for a variety of air strips in the Indian Ocean…was this intentionally to mislead investigators from looking elsewhere…perhaps Pakistan or other Al Qaeda bases where the large plane could have landed?


The pilot,  if indeed he was complicit in this missing Boeing 777 incident, would have been smart enough to   use this diversionary home computer tactic to falsely point to a “dead end” landing/ditching in the deep and wide Indian Ocean…rather than  turning north to Western Pakistan where the plane could easily be equipped with explosives or biological weapons to be used against US interests, the EU or even Israel.


As more and more information comes available, it is clear that the plane was intentionally re-routed…and the pilot’s home computer with its flight simulator data for “potential Indian Ocean runways” becomes a key part of this unfolding mystery.

The passengers?  Oxygen can be cut off to the passenger section of the 777 – eliminating any problems from that end of the plane…this Boeing jetliner has a separate oxygen system for the cockpit.

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