Posted by: conservativecritic | March 21, 2014


Christian beliefs have once again been given a hatchet job by activist judges who think it is their duty to create new laws…namely ones regarding marriage.

Michigan is the latest victim – leading many of us to believe what value the referendum process has in ANY state on ANY issue in the 50 states…

Homosexual and lesbian activists seek out judges who lean heavily left – and in some case, like California’s  situation a year or two ago, a judge who was a closet sodomist…with the attorney’s on the Christian side of the issue not being told about that issue…That judge bailed out of the jurist box shortly thereafter, likely scared to death that he might have incurred the wrath of the homosexual movement had he not ruled in favor of same sex marriage in California – again in opposition to a vast majority of Californians who voted to outlaw same sex marriage.

Anna Kirkland, a University of Michigan professor who submitted an expert report in the Michigan case, said same sex couples who have received licenses are “legally married” regardless of what state officials do.  What does she know?

“A ruling from a federal judge on the meaning of the Equal Protection Clause … is binding on the state government,” said Kirkland, a professor of women’s studies and political science. “It’s the law of the land until or unless the Supreme Court says otherwise.”

The progressive expansion of the same-sex marriage issue is symptomatic of a continuing degradation of the moral fiber of the United States and indicative of the impact that President Obama’s position on this issue has had.  And, as shown above with the “woman’s studies” professor in Michigan, it also shows the educational arm of America becoming complicit in this abominable activity.


Obama’s reach on this topic has extended to Uganda where he has instructed foreign aid to be eliminated for medical research and related items based solely on  Uganda’s recent decision to continue the criminalization of homosexual activity.  Obama truly will have much to answer for to Jesus Christ at the Great White Throne judgement.

Gay Marriage Benefits

So, what to do?  If you scan the news on any any day of the week, on any page of your local paper, the issue is sodomy, homosexuality in marriage, transexuals invading girls-only or boys-only bathrooms…talk about a bunch of peeping toms who cannot control their urges.

What to do – is to pray that the Lord returns soon and puts these hedonistic people and their supportive, activist judges in a very  hot place for eternity…there is literally no hope in turning the homosexual or lesbian around 180 degrees to a normal lifestyle – principally due to peer pressure and the fact their mind has been seared with a hot iron as the New Testament declares.

Tomorrow may be the last day of your life on this earth  - where will you spend eternity?

Tomorrow may be the last day of your life on this earth – where will you spend eternity?


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