Posted by: conservativecritic | April 1, 2014

How should Christians deal with the issue of Global Warming?

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While the jury is still out on Global Warming, it could be conceded that the warming of the earth does vary with time – cyclic with a wide variety of conditions outside of the control of humans – solar activity, weather patterns, oceanic flow, etc.

What is not cast in hard science(except in Al Gore’s mind and pocketbook) is whether or not human activity has any bearing on cyclic activity in the earth’s temperature.  

For a more in-depth discussion of global warming, go to

It has been documented by several authors that during the original UN meetings on Climate Change several years ago, an esteemed group of climatologists put together a position paper that opined that what climatic changes may be taking place were NOT due to human activity.  It turns out that the final position paper was altered by a single individual, an associate of the current…

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