Posted by: conservativecritic | April 8, 2014

Planned Parenthood’s Outrageous Lies…

Conservative Critic's Blog

Planned Parenthood – unquestionably a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

 When the issue of funding Planned Parenthood took a turn for  the worse, they continued their lies regarding what percentage of their efforts are devoted to prenatal care, Medicare support and foster home placements versus outright abortions on demand.

The following chart clears up this incredible lie.

How conscientious Americans can continue to swallow(and fund) such insanity is indicative of the “dumbing down” of the average American’s morality.

So the next time you see the media re-iterate this abominable lie – remember that it is your tax dollars going to kill the unborn versus other medical attention and foster home programs that they want you to believe is the cornerstone of this organization.

Medical doctors who have turned their Hippocratic oath upside down on the wall and retreated from assisting the sick and dying and put on the sheep’s clothing and…

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