Posted by: conservativecritic | April 17, 2014

Oil Train Derailment Facts…

Train Derailment

On December 30, 2013, a westbound BNSF train carrying soybeans derailed approximately one mile west of Casselton, North Dakota. An adjacent eastbound BNSF train carrying crude oil struck wreckage from the westbound grain train (accident location 46°54′4.82″N 97°13′59.42″W).

The collision ignited the crude oil and caused a chain of large explosions, which were heard and felt several miles away. The resulting fireball created a massive cloud of black smoke, which prompted authorities to issue a voluntary evacuation of the city and surrounding area as a precaution.

The National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation into the cause of the incident.

The way the liberal media and environmental movements are spinning this story is indeed a classic in twisted and distorted journalism.  Even the first two paragraphs above, copied verbatum from Wikipedia, clearly shows that the oil train was not the cause of the conflagration – it was instead a derailed grain train which the oil train unfortunately stumbled upon near Casselton, North Dakota.

Meanwhile, Congress and the liberal media is screaming for  heads to roll and regulations to be laid down against oil transportation methods.  First, they wanted to bury the XL pipeline and its ability to carry Bakken and Canadian oil  to refineries in the South….next, they want to put a stop to transporting this valuable petroleum anywher by rail system.

I happen to own land on the Bakken oil patch in North Dakota where BNSF trains(Canadian Pacific Railroad) move dozens of 80 car oil trains across our land 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Before this heavy, new railroad loading occurred, CPR strengthened each and every mile of the track so that the heavy oil cars could safely transit the hundreds of miles from the Bakken oil fields to the eastern refineries.

The likely cause for the grain train accident is similar to dozens if not scores of similar accidents which occur, mainly in cold weather conditions, when the axels and journals of the heavily loaded cars snap, dropping the car onto the tracks and in most cases derailing dozens of additional cars.

In the Casselton, ND case, the grain train was the cause of the oil train catching fire, not the oil train on its own.  When the media gets this story straight, pigs will fly…


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