Posted by: conservativecritic | June 15, 2014

Obama grasps to get Mandela’s mantle…but continues to lie about his ancestry…

In the Old Testament, it was a solemn religious tradition for a leader who was vacating that position to bestow his “mantle” upon a devoted and deserving understudy.  Such was the situation with Elijah and Elisha, the understudy who was chosen to carry on the evangelistic work of Elijah when he was taken up in a chariot of fire as described in the Old Testament.

President Barack Obama has the audacity to compare himself in any manner to Mandela, whether in manner of leadership or in dedication to his people.

While he is in Africa at the massive eulogy for Mandela, he provided 20 minutes of carefully crafted speech which attempts to show him(Obama) as the world’s next Mandela.

Mandela had many good and bad points, but at least he admitted them and while he championed same-sex marriage, abortion and other non-Christian activities, at least he was honest about his ancestry…something Obama has yet to confess.

In 1996 Mandela promoted and signed into law the ‘Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill’ that, according to the New York Times, ‘replaced one of the world’s toughest abortion laws with one of the most liberal.’”

According to official statistics, nearly a million unborn children have been killed in South Africa since President Mandela signed legislation in 1996 permitting abortion on demand two years after taking office. Same-sex ‘marriage’ was legalized in 2006, with Mandela having supported it long before its passage.

And while we pray for the peaceful repose of President Mandela’s immortal soul and the forgiveness of his sins, we can only regret that his noble defense of human dignity did not include the youngest members of our human family, unborn children.

Returning to Obama…to have the US media championing him as a “black” president similar to Mandela, is simply a continuation of the massive lie which has been promulgated to the United States and the rest of the world.

Obama claims to have learned of Mandela’s character while he(Obama) was at Occidental College(Southern California’s Marxist center).  Actually, while at Occidental, Obama was a leader of Marxist activities(no democracy) and accepted the Marxist/Communist “mantle” while in Chicago


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