Posted by: conservativecritic | June 24, 2014

Perverted, Past and Current Presidential Support for Same Sex Marriage…

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NOTE:  TODAY(5/9/12) OBAMA OPENLY STATED THAT HE AND HIS WIFE SUPPORT HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE.  Some people will do anything to get votes…remember that next time you go to the voting booth…

Two important things happened this weekend; first, Vice President Joe Biden came out to support homosexual marriage – immediately, in order to not throw another contentious issue into the election campaign, Obama’s spokesperson said that Obama does not support same sex marriage…

It is interesting to note that Biden is one heartbeat away from the Presidency – and even though Obama (disingenuosly) claims not to, this administration is poised to move same sex marriage ahead.

Secondly, the adulterous John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award went to three Iowa  judges who were removed from office by public dictate for voting for same sex marriage.

Homosexuality has made inroads at the highest level of our government – and while Obama and…

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