Posted by: conservativecritic | December 5, 2014

Ferguson Follies and New York Nut Cases…

IMG_3605.PNGMore ink has been spilled on these two topics than either truly deserve…When we now can identify where the signs and support for revolution in the streets comes from (US Communist Party and “Reverend” Sharpton), then it is easy to cull these pictures and stories and get to the important news of the day on the television and in the printed media.

Throughout all of this noise(growing daily in many other cities) we see the outright lack of respect and adherence to the rule of law that these same demonstrators voted for in national and local elections.

(If President Obama ignores the law and the Constitution of the United States…why should I (a registered demonstrator) have to obey the laws?).

If they don’t like the results of the existing laws that they helped put in place, then they should vote for changes and not show the rest of the peaceful country how stupid and how easily they are led around by the ring in their noses by government and civil rights activits(read: Jessie Jackson, Reverend Sharpton) who want to increase civil disobedience and further divide the country.

President Obama, Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have no morals that can be measured by any Christian yardstick…they thrive on discontent and disruption and, like lawyers who follow ambulances, look for ways to further enhance their own political end game.

Sharpton was recently appointed national civil rights “czar” by Obama – and what qualifications does Sharpton have to deal equal handedly with black/white issues…other than leading black marches and making sure he is on the front line of these marches and his picture  appears on the front pages of the national media and evening news.

We are sorely in need of leaders who truly understand the underpinnings of the problems that the black community has in  abiding by the laws of the land and respecting property rights of others.

Actually, I don’t see the white community burning down buildings when a black person burglarizes and murders a white clerk in a local  liquor store.

When the black community can get its internal problems under control(disfunctional marriages, fatherless children, drugs, home violence, etc.) then perhaps we will see fewer arrests of blacks who are operating outside of the known laws of the land and their local community…and fewer cases of law enforcement needing to remind the lawless individual and his/her community that they need to obey the rules of the road, even  though they don’t think they have to.

If they can’t handle that, I understand that there are still plenty open seats on airlines and boats going to Africa…


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