Posted by: conservativecritic | May 27, 2015

What do President Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren have in common?

Let’s cut to the chase on this subject:  both  have scammed the system by claiming that their heritage is that of a minority.

Obama by claiming that he is a black american; Warren claiming that she is a native american indian.

Obama is  half white by his mother, 44 percent Muslim from his father and the ramaining 6 percent black from his father’s relatives.   So, how does Obama get off using this heritage story to claim being a “black American”…he is a Muslim American if anything.

Warren may have perhaps 1/32nd of her heritage traceable to some midwestern indian tribe…but even that is questionable since no one can produce  documents that prove that  heritage.

The upshot is that both have used their so-called “minority status” to convince others(voters in the case of Obama and law school admissions people in the case of Warren.

In both cases, the ever observant media has looked the other way, likely because both are about as liberal as  you can get and because exposing these scams would likely get the media elite disinvited from the Washington Beltway’s cocktail circuit parties.

We will see as this subject gets distributed from this blog if any attention is paid to this striking scam effort…or does it only matter when some in formation such as this surfaces on a Republican or conservative public servant?


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