Posted by: conservativecritic | July 3, 2015

Obama salutes his Muslim brothers – ignores killings of Christians in Egypt and elsewhere……

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So this is the ballyhooed “longing for freedom” that Obama preaches now for the Middle East and North Africa – the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood(a Jihadist organization based on Sharia Law) and the killing of Christians in Egypt – where Obama’s most intense accolades are applied.

(and the US is going to send billions of dollars in “aid” to this “emerging democracy” built around the Muslim Brotherhood – which virulently insists on the  destruction of Israel?)  – Obama, what are you thinking?

Obama is clearly demonstrating that he is  a closet Muslim – ignoring the impending damage that will occur in Israel as a result of the various insurrections surrounding that country…and by his encouragement for the “emerging democracies” and  his offer of US tax dollars, is basically encouraging violence in the streets of Damascus, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain and other countries who want to overthrow existing governments – many…

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